We Use Joomla!® & WordPress Platforms

Joomla!® & WordPress CMS platforms offer website design solutions to satisfy all your requirements for a custom, not cookie-cutter website, without crashing your budget.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

WordPress and Joomla!® are respected and customizable content management systems (CMS) with built-in ease-of-use and extensibility.  This benefits clients at the cost level and in the time it takes to complete a project. The platforms are already designed so we don't have to 're-invent the wheel' for your project.

We use professionally designed and supported CMS templates, which are fully customiizable and responsive for mobile devices, to suit the unique requirements of your brand.

Joomla!® and WordPress are able to adapt, change, and grow with your needs. Many clients need a website which allows them to change or add and remove content frequently. Our websites allow site owners or their webmasters to easily add or modify content pages, change images and much more.

Our websites can integrate a large variety of modules, components and plug-ins for effective development of anything you need, including:
  • e-commerce shopping-cart solutions
  • real-estate sites with MLS integration
  • subscription service with registerd or non-registered user functionality, for free or for a fee, using payment gateways such as PayPal
  • online booking for events, seminars, hotel / resort or B&B accomodations etc.
  • complex data-base functionality for just a few or hundreds of pages organized into multiple categories & sub-categories
  • user accounts with login
  • social networking integration
  • the list goes on ...

What are Templates?

Templates are the cosmetic 'skin' your site presents to the world. It determines the look of your site, the layout and menu structure.  Our custom-designed templates utilize responsive design so your site will be fully mobile-device compatible. Once a template has been designed and the site is launched, changes can easily be made to it in future if you require additional content or layout changes to accomodate a new feature on the site or simply a cosmetic 'face lift'.

How can I be sure there will be Joomla & WordPress support in future?

These are two of the most popular open source CMS platforms. They encompass a world-wide community of users and skilled, dedicated developers. Millions of websites are on these platforms.

Their flexibility allows site developers to extend their projects by utilizing some of the many thousands of extensions such as e-commerce, image galleries, forums, calendars, news modules, as well as many others, either freely available or commercially licenced for use on the website for a reasonable fee. It allows us to customize as much as required to meet your requirements.

Can I learn to manage my website?

We can provide telephone training to teach you basic site maintenance using the administrator interface. Depending on your 'comfort level' and computer skills, the complexities of the technology may seem daunting at first glance but we can teach you to do as much or as little as you feel able to manage, such as edit, add or remove content text, add or remove images etc. For everything else, we are happy to do all maintenance required on your site, logged and billed at a competitve hourly rate. Most of our clients want us to mangae all of their site maintenance, leaving them free to concentrate on 'growing their buisiness'.

Are Joomla & WordPress sites mobile friendly?

Our websites are designed using fully responsive (mobile friendly) templates, ensuring that your website will be viewed, as designed, across all browser platforms and devices of all sizes.

Our TEAM will do all the work while you concentrate on growing your business!
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